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Mozart Strings Project

Music for Everyone

Would you like to learn how to play violin, viola, cello or string bass?

The Mozart Strings Project offers after-school beginning string instruction to elementary school students. The project started in 1994 in response to an increasing number of requests for orchestral training. Mozart Strings is a program offered by the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony and is open to all students, regardless of school district.
Students enrolled in the project attend two one-hour rehearsals each week and perform at least three concerts each year. Elementary Mozart students come together to perform en masse at concerts.
MSP has been designed to maximize the potential for success for each participant. The objective is to teach carefully, accurately and frequently, thereby insuring the mastery of performance skills that will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation. We can't wait to share the benefits with your child.

Mozart Strings Project - Things to Know:

  • We focus on posture and tone production, teaching note reading separately until students have the ability to play simple songs with good tone.
  • Grades Accepted:  2nd/3rd through 5th/6th, depending on site.
  • Full Year Program:   Students come to class for one hour, twice a week from mid-September to mid-May.
  • Classes Available for Beginners with no experience and for 2nd Year Students.   Students with more experience may fit better in one of the CSYSA auditioned orchestras.  Please contact Renée Botton if you aren't sure which program is right for your student. 
  • Class sizes are from 8 to 20 students depending on room size and assistants available.  
  • Sites come together for 3 concerts throughout the year.  There are some site based recitals/activities as well.
  • We are part of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association!   After graduating from our Mozart program, students are eligible for the first of 6 CSYSA auditioned orchestras.  NOTE:  The top audition orchestra tours internationally!   
  • 2022-23 Tuition:  Once you get on the Preferred list below, we will email you the appropriate tuition information depending on when your site starts (some sites are starting later this year.)   Payment plan, partial financial aid and 2nd child 10% discount are also available.
            * Note:  Instrument rental is separate and not included in tuition.
    * OPTIONAL FUNDRAISER WHERE 100% of amount sold can apply toward Mozart tuition!!   See details in email!
GET ON THE PREFERRED LIST to receive more information about the program, get access to Online Registration as soon as it opens, and get notification of Enrollment Meeting dates and times:
(NOTE: This is NOT online registration. This form allows you early access to registration at a later date.)



NOTE: Please contact the site teacher if you have any site specific questions.   If you don’t know which site you’d like or have other questions,  please contact Mozart Strings Project Director:  Renée Botton, 719-660-1310,


  • The Classical Academy (TCA)

    • Location: Church at Briargate, 9550 Otero Ave, Colorado Springs,  CO 80920

    • Contact: Renée Botton, 719-660-1310,

    • Class Days: Tues/Thurs after school classes.  



  • Banning Lewis Ranch Academy (BL)​​

    • Location: 7094 Cottonwood Tree Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80927

    • Contact: Hilda Bernard, 719-649-3843

    • Class Days: Mon/Wed after school classes

  • Inspiration View Elementary School (IVES)

    • Location: 9233 Vista Del Pico Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908​

    • Contact: Hilda Bernard, 719-649-3843

    • Class Days: Tuesday/Thursday after school classes

  • Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA) 

    • Location: 4620 Antelope Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

    • Contact: Amanda Hessel, 719-323-7007

    • Class Days: Tues/Thurs after school classes



  • The Vanguard School (VAN)

    • Location: Calvary Baptist Church, 1712 S. Corona Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    • Contact: Linda Tennies, 719-464-7880

    • Class Days: Tues/Thurs after school classes

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