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Colorado Springs Youth Symphony

Calling All Alumni!

Were you in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association? Are you teaching music? Performing professionally? Just looking to connect? Send an email to to get on our Alumni mailing list and update us on your musical achievements! Looking to connect with former members? Check out our Alumni Facebook group at Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association Alums!

Every participant in the Youth Symphony program greatly benefits from the years they are engaged in the organizations. Most will take what they have learned and use these tools toward a successful and fulfilling future... even if they choose not to continue in the world of professional music. There are still many others who use their years in Youth Symphony as a launching pad for a career in music - as performers, educators and composers.

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Some of Our Esteemed Alumni


Dean Smith, violin – New York
Jessica Frieg, violin – Foreign Service Washington D.C.
Mike Van Wirt, percussion – Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Micah Holt, trumpet – Graduating with his doctorate degree on trumpet from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas this Spring
Donald Williams, trumpet – Founder of Apollo Chamber Brass and associate principal trumpet of the Wyoming Symphony
Anna Morris, oboe – Broadway tour performer

Aubrey Yeh, violin and clarinet – Director of Fine & Performing Arts, Boulder Valley School District.

Alums that have performed with Colorado Springs Philharmonic


Angie Schnathorst – oboe

Donna Kingsley – flute/piccolo

Julianne Scott – clarinet

Jeffrey McCray – bassoon

Nicole Buetti – bassoon

Sophie Verhaeghe – violin

Sarah Larson – viola

Anne Aderman – viola

Don Williams – trumpet

Colin Oldberg – trumpet

Andy Holst – trombone

Rebecca Fathman – French horn

Stephenie Eiman – French horn

Tonya Jilling - harp

Alumni who are current or former teachers at CSYSA


Sara Miller, violin
Brian Margrave, trumpet
Sabrina Baugh, cello
Samantha Garrett, French horn

Dr. Alexander Magalong, violin
Julie Meyer, violin
Adele Demi-Smith, clarinet
Jeremiah Fowler, trumpet
Katie Simpson, clarinet
Amanda Brignola, flute
Dana Jellich, oboe
Robert Stahly, cello
Loren McCready, clarinet

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