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Recorded Jazz & Absentee Auditions


An absentee audition is allowed in circumstances where a musician cannot appear live for their audition. Jazz musicians only have the option of a recorded (absentee) audition.

1. Submit your Audition Application.
2. Prepare your Audition with the requested Repertoire and Instructions.
3. Record your video audition following the below guidelines.
  • Video auditions are to be recorded in ONE TAKE and UNEDITED.
  • A musician's full body must be present in the frame.
  • Introduce your full name at the start of the video; name each scale and each etude or solo selection.
  • Audition repertoire must be performed in the order provided.
  • Be sure to carefully review Audition Repertoire & Instructions -- don't forget your scales!  
4. Submit your Recorded Audition via email.

Send the link to with "Absentee Audition Link" or "Jazz Audition Link" in the subject.


Acceptable submission platforms are Vimeo, YouTube (unlisted), and Dropbox. 

Note: Be aware of permissions and any required passwords. If we cannot open your video link, your audition cannot be considered. 




Since the audition panel will not be able to control the audition or request scales and sight-reading, the following guidelines, which vary from a live audition, must be followed:


1. WOODWINDS + BRASS:  play a chromatic scale from your lowest possible to highest possible note, one time slurring and a second time tonguing the notes. Prepare a major or minor scale of choice. 

2. PERCUSSION: Prepare two major or minor scales of choice.

3. STRINGS: Prepare two major scales of choice, one in a sharp key and one in a flat key. Students auditioning for an advanced group must include a third scale of choice in a minor key and 2 minutes of solo work.


Please review the Audition instructions for more detailed guidelines by ensemble level and instrument. Email with any additional questions. 

Good luck! You may be asked to perform a live audition and sight read at a later date.

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