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Absentee & Jazz Program Auditions


An absentee audition is allowed in circumstances where a musician cannot appear live for their audition.  We are aware that in rare cases there are unavoidable conflicts. Live auditions are preferred whenever possible. Video auditions are also accepted for jazz auditions.


Please follow the guidelines below for submitting your absentee audition. 


1. Fill out the online Audition Application Form.
2. Submit a high-quality video via YouTube or Dropbox link.

Send the link to with "Absentee Audition Link" or "Jazz Audition Link" in the subject. If this link requires a password, please be sure to include that information in the e-mail. If we cannot open it, your audition will not be considered.

Video requirements:

  • Video must be received prior to your instrument’s audition date. Jazz program auditions are due May 19th, 2023. If there are multiple audition dates for your instrument, it needs to be received prior to the first audition date.

  • Application form and $10 fee must be submitted prior to the audition date

  • Musician’s full body must be visible in the audition.

  • Audition selections should be performed in the correct sequence (see below).

  • Clearly state your name and instrument at beginning of video.

  • Introduce each selection.



Since the audition panel will not be able to control the audition or request scales and sight-reading, the following guidelines, which vary from a live audition, must be followed:

1. If you are a brass or woodwind player:  play a chromatic scale from your lowest possible to highest possible note, one time slurring and a second time tonguing the notes.

2. All instruments: choose a scale of your choice to play.

a. Percussionists should choose a 2nd scale.

b. If you are a string musician: play a 2nd contrasting scale, i.e. if you selected a sharp scale for your first scale, then the 2nd scale should be a flat scale.

3. If you are a string musician hoping for a more advanced group placement: include a third scale which must be in a minor key. You should also prepare 2 minutes of a solo piece.

4. All instruments play selected excerpt(s).

5. If you are auditioning for the Ascent Big Band, please follow the jazz audition instructions instead. Jazz auditions are due May 19th!


Good luck! You may be asked to perform a live audition and sight read at a later date.

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