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Upcoming Concerts and Events

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Collegiate Prep Class Auditions

Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24

Do you just LOVE music? Do you already know that music is a path you want to follow through college and beyond? If you are a passionate young musician and can't imagine doing anything else in the future, please continue reading about a unique opportunity that may be just what you are looking for.

This fall, the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association (CSYSA) will be presenting a one month pilot program for young musicians, grades 8 - 12, including pianists, who are passionate about their music and aspire to pursue a professional career in the performing arts. The Collegiate Performance Preparation Class is a weekly program designed to give pre-college students the opportunity to learn confidence in performance, to be educated in performance etiquette, to be knowledgeable in self-presentation, and to be progressively prepared for collegiate application and audition procedures.

Limited to 12 young musicians selected by audition, participants will be inspired and challenged by weekly 4 hour sessions consisting of rehearsal/performance, research and college prep. Rehearsal time will include working with a professional pianist/collaborator, learning how to work with the pianist. Six participants will perform for the class each week, gaining valuable experience and confidence. The month will conclude with a Young Artist outreach performance.

Through the support of Music Teachers of North America (MTNA), the one month pilot program will be free to participants. Following the pilot program, participants will be given the opportunity to enroll in the Collegiate Performance Preparation Class for the remainder of the school year.

The Collegiate Performance Preparation Class is being administered by Margaret Pressley, a nationally recognized music educator and Founder of the Seattle Conservatory of Music, where she developed this highly successful approach to college preparation. Applications are due by August 21.

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    More details on the Collegiate Prep Class
    Collegiate Prep Class Application

Strings Camps

Friday, August 25-Sunday, August 27

Our annual strings camp to begin the season are coming up! Camp will be held at Quaker Ridge.

Night of White Lights

Saturday, September 9, 6:00pm

Guests dressed all in white are invited to attend this fundraising event at a mystery location. Join us for live music, drinks, and socializing to support our organization!
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Future Concerts and Events

Aug 21: Rehearsals begin for all auditioned groups
Aug 23-24: Collegiate Prep Performance Auditions
Aug 25-27: Strings Camp for WG, AMA, ALG, and VIV
Aug 27: Mozart Day Camp (limited space)
Aug 28-31: Buddy Nights
Sep 9: Night of White Lights
Sep 9: Fall Auditions
Oct 21: Waldo Waldo Run
Oct 21: Double Reeds Camp
Oct 28: Southern Colorado Children's Art Festival
Nov 1: Fall Concert for ALG, VIV, and OYO
Nov 2: Fall Concert for BW and PPW with the Pikes Peak Brass Band
Nov 5: Fall Concert for YS with Sean Hennessy
Nov 16: Mozart Informance
Nov 19: Fall Chamber Concert
Nov 22-24: No rehearsals/office closed
Dec 2: Holiday Concert for AMA, ALG, VIV, BW, PPW, OYO, and YS
Dec 3: OYO with Children's Chorale
Dec 4: WG Informance
Dec 9: Mid-Year Auditions
Dec 9: Pikes Peak Performance Company Benefit Concert with OYO
Dec 16, 19-21: YS Nutcracker Rehearsals and Performance
Dec 20-Jan 2: No rehearsals/office closed
Jan 3: Rehearsals resume
Jan 13: Young Artists Solo Competition
Feb 11: Winter Strings Concert for WG, AMA, ALG, and VIV
Feb 15: Mozart Informance
Feb 26: YS rehearsal for Celebrate Youth in the Arts Breakfast
Feb 27: YS performs in Celebrate Youth in the Arts Breakfast
Mar 4: Winter Concert for BW, PPW, and OYO
Mar 17: Low Brass Camp
Mar 19: Wichita Youth Symphony and YS Concert
Mar 26-30: No rehearsals/office closed
Apr 13: Local Tours for AMA, BW
Apr 19: Spring Concert for Mozart, WG, and AMA
Apr 20: Local Tours for ALG, PPW
Apr 22: Spring Chamber Concert
Apr 25: In-Harmony Festival with OYO
Apr 26-29: OYO Tour to Albuquerque
Apr 27: Local Tour for VIV
May 6: Spring Concerts for ALG, VIV, BW, PPW, OYO, and YS
May 7-12: May Auditions
May 30: Enrollment Meeting for 2018-2019 Musical Season
Jun 3: YS Farewell Tour Concert
Jun 6-25 or Jun 9-28: YS Tour to New Zealand and Australia
Jul 15-29: Manitou Chamber Music Festival
Jul 27-29: Band Camp
Jul 30-Aug 1: Orchestra Camp

“CSYSA ...a model program for player development.” — Wes Kenney, Colorado State University-Ft. Collins orchestra director