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Upcoming Concerts and Events

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Future Concerts and Events

Feb 28: YS performs in Celebrate Youth in the Arts Breakfast
Mar 4: Winter Concert for BW, PPW, and OYO
Mar 11: Winter Concert for YS with Hennessy 6 (CD Release)
Mar 17: Low Brass Camp
Mar 26-30: No rehearsals/office closed
Apr 13: Local Tours for AMA, BW
Apr 19: Spring Concert for Mozart, WG, and AMA
Apr 20: Local Tour for ALG
Apr 22: Spring Chamber Concert
Apr 24: Local Tour for VIV
Apr 25: In-Harmony Festival with YS
Apr 26-29: OYO Tour
Apr 27: Local Tour for PPW
May 6: Spring Concerts for ALG, VIV, BW, PPW, OYO, and YS
May 7-12: May Auditions
May 28-June 3: Tour Rehearsal
May 30: Enrollment Meeting for 2018-2019 Musical Season
Jun 4: YS Farewell Tour Concert
Jun 6-25: YS Tour to New Zealand and Australia
Jul 15-29: Manitou Chamber Music Festival
Jul 27-29: Band Camp
Jul 30-Aug 1: Orchestra Camp

“CSYSA ...a model program for player development.” — Wes Kenney, Colorado State University-Ft. Collins orchestra director