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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What group should my child audition for given his/her level of experience?

A. Musicians do not audition for a specific group, but rather they audition in front of judges who will decide to offer the auditioner a spot in a group that is appropriate for him/her based on the audition.

Q. How do I schedule my audition?

A. Visit our Audition Sign Ups page to schedule your time, then be sure to fill out an Audition Application Form online.

Q. What should my child prepare for his/her audition?

A. Instructions on what to prepare as well as all of the excerpts for each instrument can be found on the Audition Music page. New excerpts for the upcoming season are always posted April 1st.

Q. Which excerpts should my musician prepare?

A. Choose excerpts that your musician can play the best. The judges want to hear how well you perform a piece. Choosing a piece that is too difficult for your musician to perform well is not impressive. Scales and sight reading are just as important as the excerpts, so practice these items frequently.

Q. Which version of minor scale should my musician prepare for his/her audition?

A. Natural, harmonic, or melodic are all acceptable!

Q. What should my child wear for his/her audition video?

There is no dress code for auditions, but it is always a good idea for musicians of all ages to present themselves professionally for any gig or audition, just as one would for a job interview!

Q. When will we hear about the results of my child's audition? How will we be notified?

Our administrative staff will begin processing the results provided by the judges during the week following auditions, so you can expect to receive notification within 1-2 weeks of your audition. Notifications are sent to all e-mail addresses listed on the Audition Application Form, so please write legibly if you filled one out by hand!


Q. How do I audition?

A. Visit our Auditions page to find the most recent information on upcoming auditions.

Q. How are musicians selected for specific groups?

A. Students participate in auditions evaluated by independent musical judges and conductors and receive membership invitations based on these recommendations.

Q. What kind of time commitment is required to be part of the CSYSA?

A. All groups have a 2 hour rehearsal scheduled once a week during the academic school year and musicians are expected to participate in all rehearsals. The concert schedule varies from as few as one performance a semester to multiple concerts in the higher level groups. Musicians also attend a two or three day summer camp at the beginning of each season and will have a tour opportunity of at least a couple of days a year.

Q. Why should my child be in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association?

A. The mission of the Association is to inspire young musicians to be leaders, provide artistic development and diverse musical experiences, and share exceptional music that bridges cultures. 

Q. What ages can participate?

A. We serve students ages 7-20! Placement in CSYSA groups is based on skill level, not age, but we have something suitable for every young musician.

Q. What does CSYSA cost?

A. Please visit our Tuition page for more detailed information.

Q. Should I be in my school music program?

A. The CSYSA recognizes that public and private school music programs are essential to its existence as these programs help launch most students into their musical careers. The CSYSA strongly encourages and advises that all CSYSA musicians participate in their school music programs. CSYSA students are important leaders in their respective educational institutions and it is expected that they contribute to their music programs to the best of their ability unless there are prohibiting circumstances or reasons.

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