Faye Palmer

Teacher at The Vanguard School

Faye Palmer studied violin performance at the University of Cincinnati and the Cleveland Institute of Music. She received her Masters in Music Ed from Wichita State University, where she studied chamber music with Jeffrey Irvine. While at Wichita State University, she was a section violinist in the Wichita Symphony. Through her years of experience teaching players of all ages and levels, Faye has taught Suzuki Violin, traditional private violin and viola, private, charter, and public school strings, Mozart Strings Project, and section coach for orchestras in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association. It wasn't until her son, Raymond, became a violin and viola luthier that she owned her first viola. She now proudly owns and plays the very first violin Raymond made as well as one of his fine handmade violas. Her other son, Carl is an architect, who until recently played the cello. Her husband Scott, who has patiently listened to students play the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations many, many times over the years, is a fine clarinetist.